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A comprehensive list of pertinent questions to ask your movers is included on our printable compare movers checklist. There are also moving tips and tricks in order to make sure you choose a great mover and get the best pricing possible. The average customer will compare moving companies at least three times - our moving staff is certain you will find the most value in Monster Movers ®. We guarantee it!

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Comparing Movers is a Difficult Job in These Times.

Moving company information and online moving reviews can be false or altered allowing rogue movers to book moves very inexpensively but provide horrid service. The following is a list of moving hacks if you will - or things to remember when moving:

1. The most expensive company is not always the best. Do your research – they may have to charge customers more because of too many claims or high rental fees.

2. If your mover cannot supply basic information such as DOT #, MC#, licensing information and insurance information do not hire.

3. Do not trust review sites. Some moving companies OWN review sites.. Other review sites have been known to be infiltrated by business to business bashing especially with moving companies. The only review site to trust is (they actually verify the review meaning you have to have a bill of lading and be a true customer).

4. Never, ever hire movers that answer their phone "movers," "moving," or something mumbled "movers/moving." This generally means they are hiding their true name from someone - say IRS, attorney, DOT, etc...

5. Hire the company that gives you the most information. They have nothing to hide, usually it isn't a pressured booking and you can feel comfortable without them. If a company asks you questions or tells you something you don't know - put a star next to their name.

6. Hire the company who doesn't charge for "extras." If there are "stair fees," "elevator fees," etc. you best believe they are going to pull some other fees out of their hat on the day of the move

One last rule of thumb – never hire unlicensed or uninsured movers. They can sue you if they get hurt at your house, they have no liability and frankly they can scam you and make you pay whatever they choose.