Moving Checklist

6-8 Weeks Before your Move:

Reserve Monster Movers ® When you fill out an online inventory a moving estimate tends to be more accurate, whether pricing is by weight and distance or a flat or hourly rate. Let Monster Movers ®know if you will pack. If necessary, contact your insurance company for additional coverage. I suggest keeping a moving folder with all quote information, phone numbers to VIP’s and any other moving info. Organization is key, remember to leave a day in-between your move and your closing so you can have a cleaning crew come in to broom-sweep.

Download Monster Movers Moving Checklist PDF

Moving Checklist Continued...

5 Weeks Before Your Move:

Go through each room and make three piles – Keep, Donate, and Discard. Monster Movers ® offers a free donation service on select dates.

Have your items inspected by your insurance company if needed. Take photos so you have them if necessary.

4 Weeks Before Your Move:

Purchase your moving supplies if you are packing your own items. 
Stock up on moving supplies, including boxes, tape (packing tape and colored duct tape for easy room labeling), wrapping material. I suggest bubble wrap and packing paper. I don’t suggest getting tape dispensers – they are more of a pain to handle than useful. Don’t forget the colored tape this will save time (and money) if you can color code the rooms for the movers.

3 Weeks Before Your Move:

Pack items that you won’t need in the next three weeks including the contents of the garage, the attic, and other storage areas, out of season clothes, holiday decorations, books, and special-occasion dishware. I suggest putting the colored tape on the boxes as soon as they are packed so you don’t have to go back and open them up.

2 Weeks Before Your Move:

Remember to print out our moving checklist. This is the time where you will be packing the bulk of your items. Also, this is the time where you will be going down the moving checklist – transferring utilities, changing mailing info, etc.

1 Week Before Your Move:

Finish packing including your necessity bag. Your necessity bag or bin if you need a lot for an overnight. I suggest a plastic bin with anything you will need for the first night. Pack in bedding, toiletries, toilet paper, tools, cleaning supplies, snacks, and of course any irreplaceables/extremely valuable items. Remember to go down the moving checklist and the moving tips page to ensure you have everything ready.

On Moving Day:

Make sure you have correct payment for the movers – if you are paying by credit card, they will need the credit card at the offload for a rub. Let the movers know of any restrictions driving to your new residence or at the new residence. When you arrive at the new residence put the moving key with colors up for the movers so they don’t have to chase you down at your new home.