Moving Services

Local Move

A local move, or local moving, is a move that occurs in the same state. Some movers consider local moves within 50-100 miles. Monster Movers ® local moves are all in-state moves and are charged by the hour. Full packing and unpacking services are available for all local moves.

Long Distance Move

Any move that goes outside of state lines. If you are doing a long distance move, there are options:

Full Service Move – In this type of move, you do not have to do anything. Monster Movers ® crew will do everything packing, loading, delivering your goods to their final destination, unloading and unpacking them again. You will not have to touch a thing. We can also do a set up of lamps, televisions, computers, etc.

Partial Packing – Monster Movers ® also has partial packing and unloading services available charged by the hour.

Self Service Move – Movers will move items for you but you do all of the packing and unpacking. Our movers will load, transport and unload the moving truck.

Interstate Move

If you are moving to a new state, then you are making an interstate move. The price of the move will depend upon the weight of of the truck.

Piano Movers

All Monster Movers ® crew members are trained to move grand, baby grand, upright and spinet pianos. Piano moving is a specialty service that you really need moving experts to perform. A piano is the biggest and most expensive type of musical instrument to move. We can move pianos locally and out-of-state. If you are moving your piano or pool table out-of-state it is very important to hire a moving company in which the crew that loads the piano unloads and sets up the piano. This is crucial in choosing a long distance mover when you have a piano.

Moving Services
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  • Piano Moving Service - Expert Piano Moving Services Locally and Long Distance
  • Full Line of Packing and Storage Services
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Common Moving Questions

What is the cost of moving?

Moving costs depend on a multitude of factors. You can click the request an estimate page and you will be prompted to fill out zip codes and your name will be requested. After you hit submit, a new window will pop up with a detailed inventory form to fill out. Submit that and you will receive a quote within the hour. Note ** You will be sent a preliminary email before your quote with company information.

How much do moving companies charge?

Moves are charged by weight (long distance) or by hour (local) at Monster Movers ®. Long Distance Moving Costs - Out of state moves are prices by the weight. You can request an in-home estimate or provide Monster Movers ® with an inventory online either through email or on our quote page. Local Moving Costs - Local moves within the same state are based on hourly rates depending on the number of men needed.

Are there additional fees?

Monster Movers ® does not charge additional fees. Those fees are taxes, tolls, fuel surcharge, mileage fee, stairs fee, elevator fee. Monster Movers ® does not charge shuttle fees for long distance moves. A shuttle fee is needed if a 52 foot trailer cannot get into a driveway or storage facility. We use 26 foot moving trucks for long distance moves.

What are moving options?

Moving Options are in addition to our basic service. These include packing services, storage services, and specialty packing of antiques, pianos, pool tables, etc.

Part of Monster Movers® basic service includes disassembly of beds, tables, mirrors on dressers as well as assembly. Padding of all metal and wooden items with steamed moving blankets and shrink wrapping of all upholstered items. Monster Movers ® crews will bring shrink wrap and moving blankets so you will not need to purchase your own.

What are moving tools?

Our crews carry a standard set of moving tools - please have your own metric moving tools if needed or let the office know so we can make sure the correct moving tools are available.

Do you offer piano moving services & pool table moving services?

Monster Movers ® are expert piano and pool table movers. We have donated pianos and a pool table at our training facility in which movers have to train on. While no two pianos are the same - moving-wise it is wise to hire trained piano movers as this is usually one of the largest and most expensive pieces to move.

How can I prepare for my move?

We have a free printable moving checklist available on the moving checklist section of our website which is extremely helpful and comprehensive. This will guide you through all of the necessary steps for your move from 8 weeks before your move to after your move.

How to choose a moving company?

If you click on our compare movers tab, there is a moving company comparison pdf in which you can easily print out and fill in the information for each moving company. Monster Movers ® information is already on the sheet for reference.

Where can I find moving tips and tricks?

This is easy - simply check out our moving tips page. There is a thorough list of packing and moving how-to's and tips. Our moving experts have also included a moving hacks section to make your move easier.

Where can I get moving supplies?

You can get moving supplies from many places: Monster Movers® has free delivery of moving supplies with a $100 minimum order. You can also get supplies from various home stores. Another less expensive option is hunting down free boxes from friends, stores and wholesale shops.