There is no need to spend hours on countless websites. Monster Movers® can help you from the beginning stage of your move to the completed job. We are happy to provide all of our customers with a form to compare movers as well as a comprehensive moving checklist. Our moving checklist includes moving in and moving out to ensure you don't forget anything. These documents are the first two pieces of paperwork you should print out for your move.

Another great moving tool you may need is a moving calculator. The moving calculator will load after entering your name/email. There will be a comprehensive list of items that may be found in your house or condo. Simply fill it out and you will be gifted with a virtually instant moving calculation. There is also a place for notes if you have a piano, pool table, vehicle, etc. Our moving software will compile these items and provide a weight for you as well as tell you how much your move will be based on these items. Our quotes that have accurate inventories are 100% guaranteed rates.


Involving kids in the moving process as much as possible is very important to the task of moving with kids. Monster Movers ® can help you with your move with children by providing a "moving box" for your children that can be their box - we call it a moving treasure box. They can color/decorate it and pack their most important items in it. We also have a free downloadable coloring page to start with.

Other fun things to do with your kids to help them prepare for the move are:

  1. Have them map out their new room - where should the bed/dresser/rug go?
  2. Make a memory or scrapbook of your old house and friends.
  3. Throw a good-bye party.
Monster Movers Coloring Page for Kids


Most people hire movers within a month or so of their move - or when their house is under agreement. For most of the year, this will be sufficient notice to book your mover. However, during summer months, moving companies can book months in advance. Monster Movers ® has a team dedicated to last minute moves so we can provide a great service to those who had to wait until the last minute to hire movers. Our prices do not change for last minute or emergency moves. You will receive the same great service and best value moving services whether you book 2 months in advance or the same day.